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David Kessler book promotion


Author of Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Talent can easily go unseen without the right connections to the media. Beth and Carina know how to get your work noticed. 


I have been fortunate to work with both of them over the years. They have helped my work be seen in such media as The New York Times, CNN, Dr Oz and many other media outlets. While there are no guarantees for press results, if you have the opportunity, take a chance on them. 

Emma Isaacs book publicity


Author of Winging It
(Sounds True)

Carina is a consummate professional who stays the course until the job is done. I was really impressed with her commitment and tenacity in seeking out opportunities and relationships to ensure our campaign reached as many people as possible. I’d really recommend Carina to you as an effective and reliable PR expert!

Wayne Dyer on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


#1 New York Times
Bestselling Author
(Hay House)

I worked very closely with Carina for many years and came to rely on her in so many ways. She is a very loyal and hard-working person who goes far beyond any job description of publicist. She was instrumental in helping me to promote my books, and others that I endorsed as well.

Tamar Chansky publicity


Author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety

Carina is extremely knowledgeable, hard-working, creative and committed to using all her skills to help you meet your goals. She is both a big-picture thinker as well as a detail person. Carina brings a unique angle in PR having both a deep and nuanced understanding of content, while also being able to advise and create visuals-- such as website design-- for greater brand recognition. She really goes above and beyond for her clients.

Dr. Ken Druck publicity


Author of Courageous Aging and The Real Rules of Life

I began working with Carina several years ago when she was an all-star at Hay House -- and hired her immediately after she left to start her own company. Carina has, over the years, become the greatest single asset of my entire company, helping me refresh and deliver on everything from PR/Marketing to branding to social media to web site to overall business strategy. Working with her is also effortless -- and a joy. The results speak for themselves and I'm truly blessed to have her on my team.

Nadia Davis book publicity


Author of Home is Within You
(Girl Friday Books)

It has been such an honor and pleasure to work with Carina… her calm, wise, intelligent direction and insight enables me to truly enjoy this amazing journey I never imagined would come to realization in such an organic, authentic way. She is truly an amazing woman and publicist, but more than that, an incredible human being. 

Alyson Charles RockStar Shaman book publicist


Author of Animal Power (Chronicle Books)

When my publisher brought Carina on to the team to support my book journey I was relieved to be working with someone with extensive experience, especially in the spiritual space. Carina was highly professional, has strong, meaningful and aligned connections and she cares about you and providing positive results. Cracking the codes of success in the world of publicity can be tough, but Carina delivers.

Behind the Shield host James Geering book publishing


Author of One More Light and host of the Behind the Shield podcast

Carina provided excellent advice and mentorship as I navigated publishing my first book. Writing is a daunting task especially for a firefighter and the landscape was confusing at best. The knowledge she imparted helped not only on the technical side but also empowered me to tell the story that burned inside.

Keith MacPherson publicity consultation


Author of Making Sense of Mindfulness

Carina offered me insights, contacts, connections, creative strategies, and many years of industry experience to help make my book a real success. She went above and beyond and truly got behind my project in a major way.

Author Marsha Lucas book publicity


Author of
Rewire Your Brain for Love

The work that Carina did for me and my book was outstanding. Well beyond managing the formidable publicity demands, Carina handled all interactions deftly, warmly, and with great presence of mind and heart. She "got" me and my book, and targeted her work accurately and effectively. It's not easy as an author to "let" someone else tell the world about your book/baby, but Carina's work and personal presence made it easy, highly productive, and enjoyable -- even fun. I highly recommend her and her work without hesitation.

Hay House founder Louise Hay and CEO Reid Tracy


CEO, Hay House

I received very positive feedback from authors assigned to Carina, many of whom are imperative to the company’s success.  She was acknowledged for her creativity, integrity, and results-driven approach to publicity.

Jacqui Clark testimonial for Carina Sammartino


Former Director of Publicity, Hay House

Carina is a gifted public relations expert who successfully executed over 350 campaigns during her time at Hay House. Over the six-and-a-half years I worked with Carina, she was key in building her clients brand and securing national media placement, which landed several authors on the New York Times bestsellers list. i.e. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Jorge Cruise. Carina is a dedicated and savvy communications professional who thinks outside-the-box on every campaign. All her clients were treated with the utmost of professionalism, and she is a true leader with her innovative ideas and skills.

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