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Leslie Miller

CEO, Girl Friday Prodcutions



Leslie "LAM" Miller, CEO and co-founder of Girl Friday Productions (a female founded and led firm) has been democratizing publishing for nearly twenty years. A true pioneer in the space of indie and hybrid publishing, she's passionate about educating authors, putting power back in the hands of creators, and shifting the power in publishing for good.  

A working mom who saw major gaps in the industry, she built a business to solve her own needs: among them, radically flexible work schedule, better pay, full-time benefits for ALL, and more transparency from leadership. She's a warrior bent on exploding corporate culture and gendered straightjackets and making work an accepting haven for every human. 

Talking Points

  • The top 5 myths authors need to know and pitfalls to avoid

  • How entrepreneurs can extend their brand with a book ... carefully  

  • Your Book is a Business

  • Self- vs. hybrid- vs. traditional publishing: who it's right for and who it's not

  • Why a women-owned and women-led approach matters in business today

  • The #1 mistake authors make when creating their book


Leslie Miller is a frequent speaker on writing, editing, publishing, entrepreneurship and corporate culture at industry leading events, and award-winning instructor of the acclaimed Editing Certificate Program at the University of Washington, and a contributing author to more than a dozen books. Prior to co-founding Girl Friday Productions, she was the Executive Editor at Seal Press (Perseus), where she acquired and developed projects written by and for women. Miller has a master's in english literature and executive MBA from Seattle University. She lives in Seattle, WA.


Girl Friday Productions is a leading book production company based in Seattle, WA, with imprints Flashpoint Books, Girl Friday Books, and children’s imprint Bird Upstairs. Find them at

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