Press Kit: David Hanscom, MD

Seattle spinal surgeon Dr. David Hanscom is known for talking many of his patients OUT of surgery. He focuses on an aspect of chronic pain that the medical world has largely overlooked: calming the nervous system in order to get better.


He's seen first hand the devastating impact chronic pain can have on patients -- their families, their work, and all aspects of their life. Dr. Hanscom says the medical system fails these people because doctors are not trained to listen, they're trained to "cut," which more often than not, only causes more pain and can lead to opioid abuse -- only further worsening the problem. His solutions, though, have helped thousands end this terrible cycle forever.

Using the latest developments in neuroscience research and his own personal history with pain, which at one point led him to consider suicide, Dr. Hanscom's program, called Direct your Own Care (or DOC) rewires the pain pathways in the brain through stress managementexpressive writing (and ripping up what you wrote), 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, and pain education for the whole family.


Story Ideas:

- How Treating the Mind Helps Treat the Body

- How Anxiety Fuels Chronic Pain: See Dr. Hanscom's blog, "Am I Operating On Your Pain or Your Anxiety?"

- Pain in the Family is a Shared Burden: The devastating effects of Pain in the Family and why Dr. Hanscom sets ground rules for all of his patients about how they discuss their pain

- How to change the body's pain pathways to end the cycle of pain forever

- The Opioid Connection: what will really stop opioid abuse (hint: it’s not the law)


Dr. Hanscom is a board certified orthopedic surgeon at the Swedish Neuroscience Center in Seattle, WA. He is the founder of the DOC project (Direct your Own Care) and “Awake at the Wound,” a process, which brings athletic performance principles into the operating room.

Dr. Hanscom is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in complex spine problems in all areas of the spine. A significant part of his practice is devoted to performing surgery on patients who have had multiple prior spine surgeries. He works for Swedish Neuroscience Specialists in Seattle, WA.


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Dr. David Hanscom on Dr. Oz show

Back in Control: A Surgeon's Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain

By David Hanscom, MD

Vertus Press

ISBN: 978-0988272996


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